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The Evening Standard – 2014 – Get Your Rear In Gear

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During the Tour De France in July, the Evening Standard asked Ready Steady FIT to give the readers some guidance with how to use cycling as a training tool. RSF informed the Standard that ‘cycling is up there with one of the best workouts you can do – it is a full body workout. The constant movement in the legs is working the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. To stay upright on the bike you have to use your core strength….’ RSF went on to advise cyclists to vary their workouts between distance, speed and terrain for an ultimate session.


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Oliver Henry

Oliver Henry

Our Head Trainer & Founder, Oliver Henry, runs the Ready Steady FIT team. Oli has a lifelong enthusiasm for sport, fitness and nutrition. He found his passion for Fitness Life Coaching after suffering a horrendous injury (aged 19), which laid him up for over a year. During rehab, Oli developed a deep passion for the fitness industry and realised he had a natural way of helping people achieve their goals and live a healthier happier life.