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So you are now just weeks away from your summer holiday and you have been putting in the effort with both your training and diet. It’s now more important than ever that you get the right balance in your training. We’ve spoken about the structure of your diet in the run up to your holiday so now we need to take a closer look at how to get the most from your training in the final weeks before you hit the beach.

It is really important to get a  good balance of both cardio and strength training to achieve the best results in the time you have. A common misconception is that cardio and weight training can’t work simultBLOGaneously, when in actual fact cardio, if used correctly, can be very complimentary to weight training and will assist your body shedding unwanted fat holding onto the muscle mass you’ve been working on. Mixing both cardio and weight training requires an individualised approach as we all not only have different goals but also different body types.
The first step is to decide exactly what you want to achieve in the time you have; are you looking to add muscle or are you looking to lose weight? Trying to do both at the same time will not only frustrate you in terms of the results you see ,it’s also likely to slow down your progress. This does not mean you should choose one training method over the other it just means that you need to be able to make them work together.
So how do you go about using this info? If your goal is to gain muscle then you should be following a strict weight training programme at least three times a week with the accompaniment of two light/moderate intensity cardio sessions two or three times a week on days you aren’t lifting weights. If your aim is to loose the last few pounds before the beach  then it’s vital you don’t just stick to cardio. Try to use weight training to a slightly higher intensity than normal coupled with some high intensity cardio training. Decide your goal and then finding the right combination of both cardio and resistance training becomes much, much easier.
As is the case with many aspects of fitness, balance is the key. While cardio and weights are frequently considered counter productive, at Ready Steady FIT we prove that when scheduled properly, they will work together to help you reach your fitness goals.
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Oliver Henry

Our Head Trainer & Founder, Oliver Henry, runs the Ready Steady FIT team. Oli has a lifelong enthusiasm for sport, fitness and nutrition. He found his passion for Fitness Life Coaching after suffering a horrendous injury (aged 19), which laid him up for over a year. During rehab, Oli developed a deep passion for the fitness industry and realised he had a natural way of helping people achieve their goals and live a healthier happier life.