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We have all heard it before, water is one of the most important nutrients that the body requires on a daily basis. Any professional sportsman/woman or coach will tell you how crucial it is to keep your hydration up when training. This becomes even more important on holiday, especially if you are staying active whilst away. Why? Well most people holiday in hotter climates so our bodies lose more water through sweat and dehydration becomes a real issue. To stay alert, lively and hydrated for exercise, we need to make sure we are drinking throughout the day in slightly larger quantities than when at home.


waterWater is the most widely used substance within the body and makes up 50% – 60 % of human form. A 1% reduction of water in the body results in thirst; 5% reduction results in muscle and bodily fatigue; 10% reduction brings about blurred vision and dizziness and a 20% reduction can result in death (extreme, but an interesting fact). Sipping at water constantly throughout the day is necessary to keep one hydrated and alert and can also increase your results (fat loss) by up to 60%. Not only this, it helps other nutrients do their job within the body.

A lack of hydration can lead to dizziness, muscle cramps and fatigue; sometimes more serious symptoms if you are too dehydrated. Be sure to check the colour of your urine regularly to check your hydration. Dark coloured urine means you need to be drinking more water.


Now there are no precise rules for how much you need to consume when exercising, as everyone is different. Take into consideration your sweat rate, the temperature of your holiday destination, the humidity and how long you plan to exercise. If you drink a good amount at home then try to emulate that amount but add a few more glasses in to compensate for the heat. We recommend drinking constantly throughout the day. On average 6/8 glasses per day (2 – 3 litres). Keeping a bottle on you at all times can act as a reminder to be sipping throughout the day. Tip – don’t go for freezing cold water as not only can it make you more thirsty, it changes our body temperature too drastically which we don’t want. Go for cold/room temperature.

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