Low Intensity Steady State Holiday Workout

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Over the last few weeks we’ve spoken about how to get in shape for your holiday and even provided you with some high intensity short workouts to do while you are away. We have spoken at length about the benefits of high intensity workouts but we know that not everyone likes to workout in this way, we have days where we just don’t have the energy to go all out in the gym or sprinting up the beach.
 If you’re someone who has spent all day lazing by the pool or on the beach then you may not be in the frame of mind to go all out for your workout but adding in some form of cardio exercise while away is a good idea if only to combat the mojitos you’ve been drinking by the pool. In this weeks RSF blog we wanted to give you an alternative way of training for your holiday which is where Low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio becomes the perfect soexercise jogging SSlution.
Fast-paced bursts of all-out cardio broken up by short rest intervals have been proven to be the key for fat loss, and for good reason. HIIT burns more calories than low-intensity cardio per session but It also places greater recovery demands on your body. In your holiday frame of mind you might not be ready for a HIIT session in which case it’s OK to scale things down. And yes, you’ll still see results.
With the addition of LISS you won’t get the same post-workout calorie burn but you’ll still burn a decent number of calories—and they do add up. 30 minutes jogging along the beach or even a 45 minute fast paced walk will not only aid weight loss it’s also a great way to increase your cardiovascular endurance.
LISS cardiovascular sessions work at keeping your heart rate between 45-60% of your estimated maximal heart rate. LISS can be performed in many different ways but the key is performing cardio at a low intensity. Don’t get caught in the moment and suddenly break out into an all out run, remember you’re keeping this workout steady. To incorporate LISS into your holiday simple strap on your trainers and go for a walk along the beach, find some hills and walk up and down them, hire a bike and go for a cycle (what better way to see the local area).


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