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So, the long awaited summer has just come around, the sun is shining and everyone is thinking about organising, picnics, BBQ’s, dinner parties and nights out. All these things tend to have one thing in common; party/snack food, which most of the time aren’t exactly considered healthy. So, you have slogged away in the gym for that beach body, then summer comes around and all these events are putting your results at risk. Why are they so unhealthy? And what can I have instead?

Steady… snacks

Most the time we would snack to either get the right amount of nutrients into our bodies in a controlled manner, or to take the edge off our hunger between meals. During the summer events however, people tend to over indulge in snacks all the time which easily takes you over your calorie requirements while delivering little to no nutritional benefit.

The most widely consumed snacks are quite often high in refined carbohydrates/added sugar and very low in nutritional value. Fizzy drinks, sweets, pastries, crisps and pretzels contain more unwanted calories and are less filling than fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eating too many sugar-rich foods causes high blood triglyceride levels and also decreases the levels of health-promoting HDL cholesterol. These can lead to an increased risk of developing heart disease, especially when accompanied by excess weight. On top of this snacking on unhealthy, sugar rich food can cause tooth decay, oily skin, hair loss, tiredness and weight gain.


At RSF we think snacking is a great thing. We aren’t here to stop you from dipping into a snack every now and then, but try to be mindful off the effects they have on the body. Why not swap the pretzels and crisps for some mixed fruit and nuts, which offer more protein and a dose of healthy fats. Try to take some lightly salted popcorn to the picnic instead of toffee flavour, or how about spending some time making some raw brownies from organic ingredients as opposed to buying them from a supermarket. There are always better alternatives, and sometimes it just takes a bit of thought and preparation to turn unhealthy snacking into a healthy one. Need more assistance designing some summer snacks? Get in touch with us and we can help with everything.

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