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So, September is nearly upon us and the holiday season is unfortunately pretty much coming to an end. The kids are going back to school, you have new tasks at work and it is all a bit stressful. What can we do take pressure away from our eating that will minimise the risk of eating unhealthily? Well, there are a few things to discuss – mentality, preparation and the transition period.


WORKThe most important thing is allowing yourself a week or so to mentally prepare for a change in your day. We don’t adapt well to change and quite often get stressed out about things when it all adds up; this leads to comfort snacking and binge eating. Make to-do lists a week or so ahead and start tackling them one by one nice and slowly, that way when it comes to it you will be eased back into the busier routine. Start thinking about what meals you want to make for the following week so that you can get the shopping out the way and prepare some ingredients for faster, more efficient cooking. If you plan your meals, you are more likely to stick to them and eat more healthily.


So what would we suggest at RSF? Pick the freshest, easiest ingredients and meals to start off with; big salads with fish and meat, stews or soups that you can leave to cook. Meals that wont require too much prep and work will allow you to ease yourself back into the busier lifestyle after holiday season on putting your feet up and eating out. However you exercise, start slowly, stretch a lot and set new goals. If you go all guns blazing you are likely to get a bit overwhelmed and put your body at risk of injury, especially is you have been out of action for a few weeks. Need some help planning your meals and training? Don’t hesitate to get in touch……


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Oliver Henry

Our Head Trainer & Founder, Oliver Henry, runs the Ready Steady FIT team. Oli has a lifelong enthusiasm for sport, fitness and nutrition. He found his passion for Fitness Life Coaching after suffering a horrendous injury (aged 19), which laid him up for over a year. During rehab, Oli developed a deep passion for the fitness industry and realised he had a natural way of helping people achieve their goals and live a healthier happier life.