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It’s that time of the year, you’re back from holiday starting to think about the kids going back to school and making the most of the final little bit of the summer sun. What better what to do this than to fire up the grill and get the family together for a barbecue.
What it comes to the barbecuing so many people have the same mentality; “I can stay healthy at a BBQ, it’s just meat after all.” This is a sentence that really gets us going, as people don’t realise how horribly wrong it usually goes. We wanted to use this weeks blog to right the wrongs of the summer barbecue so you can make the right choices when trying to stay nice and healthy.
You’re right in thinking that it’s “just meat” and “meat is healthy”, howeverBBQ, it’s important to remember that not all of the summer treats on offer have the same nutritional value. More often than not it’s not the meats that see people fail, it’s the buns, the sides, the snacks,  the bread rolls, the sauces and sugary drinks. It’s these additional to the barbecue that can turn a healthy meal into a high calorie feast.
When it comes to making the right choices, RSF advise staying away from the fat laden meat sausages and high carb hot dog and burger buns and instead look to fill your grill with lean fillets of salmon, chicken and good cuts of meat. Why not try your hand at some home made mince burgers where you’re in control of the ingredients? These small changes make all the difference to your waistline.
You have to remember, you always have a choice what you do at the barbecue is just another example……make the right decisions, don’t over indulge and try to eat a healthy meal.. Make the wrong choices and you’ll take in thousands of unnecessary calories and just end up feeling sorry for yourself. When you have all these foods laid out in front of you its all about picking the right ones to fill your plate. Try to load your plate high with veggies and leafy salads and stay well clear of the mayo filled potato salads, coleslaw and sugary dressings. To add some crunch to your salads throw some walnuts or almonds on top instead of croutons, use almond oil instead of olive oil or a portobello mushroom as the buns to your burger; planning ahead will help.
Instead of the high fat crisps usually on offer, why not slice up some raw veggies (carrot batons, celery, peppers, cucumbers etc) and offer these out with a home made humus dip. Finally we choose to wash our meal down with some ice cold water infused with a twist of lemon or lime, some mint leaves and chopped up cucumber. This is a nice fresh way to stave off sugary carvings and stay hydrated without drinking calorie laden sodas. These at just a few simple ways to stay healthy at your BBQ. If you would like more suggestions of healthy recipes, let us know and we will be happy to provide you with some summer recipes for success.
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