Start the New Year the Right Way

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The Jewish new year is just around the corner, it’s time to bring both family and friends together to………eat!! On Rosh Hashanah many families go from meal to meal with temptation at every turn.
It’s a time that for even the most disciplined  sticking to your healthy eating lifestyle is harder than ever. That’s why at RSF we suggest having a strategy in place to handle to the big meals on offer.
Having a plan in place will allow you to enjoy your meals without expanding your waistline. You can still enjoy your favourite foods, but moderation is the key to success. It is imperative to be mindful when eating; by simply paying attention to what you are eating will make you much more likely to make the right nutritious choices. If you are taking note of your macronutrients and your portion sizes then there is no reason you can’t enjoy big meals and even save some room for the occasional indulgence.
At RSF we recommend you start your day with a big breakfast full of protein goodness. Numerous studies have found those that consume a protein rich breakfast end up consuming less calories thought the day. This is a good tip to make you slightly more nourished and full before your next meal.
Whilst you will be spending time with family and friends it’s a great opportunity to get our for a ‘walk and talk’ to use some of the calories you are consuming at each meal. No point sitting on the couch to chat when you could be out in the fresh air working off some of that honey cake. The more you are moving the better; stay active and have a happy and healthy new year.


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Oliver Henry

Our Head Trainer & Founder, Oliver Henry, runs the Ready Steady FIT team. Oli has a lifelong enthusiasm for sport, fitness and nutrition. He found his passion for Fitness Life Coaching after suffering a horrendous injury (aged 19), which laid him up for over a year. During rehab, Oli developed a deep passion for the fitness industry and realised he had a natural way of helping people achieve their goals and live a healthier happier life.