Start the New Year the Right Way

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Ready? The Jewish new year is just around the corner, it’s time to bring both family and friends together to………eat!! On Rosh Hashanah many families go from meal to meal with temptation at every turn. It’s a time that for even the most disciplined  sticking to your healthy eating lifestyle is harder than ever. That’s why at RSF we suggest …


How To Reach Your Goals

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  READY When it comes to exercise we at ready steady fit we are firm believers that you need to have a goal to train for. A goal doesn’t have to be something extreme like competing in a marathon or having a body you would find on the front of magazines, in fact it’s quite the opposite. All too often …


Back to Business

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Ready? So, September is nearly upon us and the holiday season is unfortunately pretty much coming to an end. The kids are going back to school, you have new tasks at work and it is all a bit stressful. What can we do take pressure away from our eating that will minimise the risk of eating unhealthily? Well, there are …


Be Careful on the BBQ

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Ready? It’s that time of the year, you’re back from holiday starting to think about the kids going back to school and making the most of the final little bit of the summer sun. What better what to do this than to fire up the grill and get the family together for a barbecue. What it comes to the barbecuing …


No More Holiday Blues

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Ready? So you have just got home from your holiday which involved relaxing by the pool, putting your feet up with a  cocktail and enjoying good food, the holiday blues have officially hit. Quite often the majority of damage to our bodies is done within this period of time, when we return from our trip. People seem to always let …


Dive Right In

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Ready? Who doesn’t love a dip in the pool on a warm summers day on holiday? What if we told you that jumping in the pool and having a swim to cool off could be the answer to your holiday workouts? Wherever you decide to take a dip, swimming is proven discipline to be an effective way to burn calories, …


Holiday Hydration

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Ready? We have all heard it before, water is one of the most important nutrients that the body requires on a daily basis. Any professional sportsman/woman or coach will tell you how crucial it is to keep your hydration up when training. This becomes even more important on holiday, especially if you are staying active whilst away. Why? Well most …


Low Intensity Steady State Holiday Workout

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Ready Over the last few weeks we’ve spoken about how to get in shape for your holiday and even provided you with some high intensity short workouts to do while you are away. We have spoken at length about the benefits of high intensity workouts but we know that not everyone likes to workout in this way, we have days …


Summer Snacks

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Ready? So, the long awaited summer has just come around, the sun is shining and everyone is thinking about organising, picnics, BBQ’s, dinner parties and nights out. All these things tend to have one thing in common; party/snack food, which most of the time aren’t exactly considered healthy. So, you have slogged away in the gym for that beach body, …

beach workout

Exercising on Holiday

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Ready? You’ve spent the past few months working hard to achieve that summer-time beach body and its resulted in you going away feeling and looking better than ever. The question is what can you do to keep that shape while on holiday? Well there are two schools of thought we see with most of our clients. The first is the thought …


Alcohol on Holiday

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Ready? Alcohol has very much become part of our tradition. It is something people turn to when celebrating and especially when going on holiday. So is this a bad thing? And will alcohol greatly impact all the hard work done in the gym? The main documented impacts of alcohol are mental impairment, possible addiction, diabetes and liver disease, however the …


Time for the Beach

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READY? So you are now just weeks away from your summer holiday and you have been putting in the effort with both your training and diet. It’s now more important than ever that you get the right balance in your training. We’ve spoken about the structure of your diet in the run up to your holiday so now we need to …