Start the Day Right!

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Ready? We hear time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you really know why, and more importantly what you should be eating? This meal has sparked huge debate amongst nutritionists and trainers for years as to which is best for health, fitness goals and energy levels. The following will delve a …

Staying In Shape On Holiday

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Ready? With the holiday season fast approaching many people tend to tailor their fitness goals around preparing for their summer and place a lot of pressure on themselves to look there on the beach. We get it – the media has painted a picture of the so-called ‘perfect’ body. You cant walk down the street without seeing a billboard or …


Stressed? Then Exercise

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Ready? We are all aware that exercise does our body good, from reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and many other illnesses; however, we as a society seem to be too stressed to implement exercise into our everyday life. This doesn’t sit well with us at RSF, as exercise is one of the main ways to relieve the stress …


Push or Pull?

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Ready? It’s that time of year again when all those January gym bunnies dust off their trainers and decide to give it another go in time for summer. Take a quick glance around the weights area of any gym and you will see people doing all different kinds of upper body movements. With all those exercises it can sometimes be …


The Feet Come First

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Ready? Our feet our subject to up to 1 million pounds of pressure in a one hour workout; having proper footwear acting as shock absorbers are crucial to cushion the load. Whether you workout is running, walking, playing a sport or weight training, a decent shoe is a must (each requires a different type). Improper footwear can be a contributing …


The Importance of Hydration

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READY? Water is the most widely used substance in the body making up 50 – 60% of actual human form. Your body depends on water every day to survive. A 1% reduction of water in the body results in thirst; 5% reduction – muscle and bodily fatigue; 10% reduction – blurred vision and dizziness and a 20% reduction results in …


Time to Get Some Goals

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READY? It happens all to often; we say to ourselves ‘right time to lose some weight and get fit’, so, we join a gym, go two or three times a week doing the same old routine (a bit of running or cycling, some stretching and maybe venture into the weights section). Then, a few months later we say to ourselves …


Deadlift your way to abs

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Ready? We see and hear it all too often in the fitness industry. Summer is just around the corner and people want beach body abs, so, what do they turn to? Crunches and Ab machines. All these spine crippling exercises result in a dodgy back and guess what…. no abs! If you’re not doing so already then by adding compound …


Time To Love Some LISS!

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Ready? LISS, or Low Intensity Steady State exercise, what exactly is it? Well, as the title suggests, it is performing an exercise (usually cardiovascular) at a low intensity (power/force) steadily, for a prolonged period of time. This form of exercise is usually the path most people take (usually inexperienced with exercise) when they think ‘I want to get fit’ or …

Easter bunny

Beat The Easter Bloat

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READY? The Easter bunny has made his sneaky way into our homes once again this month – not to worry, we at RSF have got everything you need to beat the bloat this Easter. Let’s face it, that foil-covered temptation is everywhere. We love nothing better than getting stuck into the mounds of chocolate eggs we’ve been “buying for our …

Jewish Personal Trainer

The JC – Gym Free Routes To Fitness and Relaxation.

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Ready Steady FIT’s infamous Boot Camps made it into the JC in an article showing the readers that you can get fit and healthy without a gym membership. The full body blast that RSF provides is done with minimal equipment, amazing music and an up-beat, fun atmosphere. Lots of functional body weight movements done at your own pace ensure a …