Core and Calisthenics

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READY? Calisthenics is a form of exercise that utilises the full ranges of motion of a body. It is considered one of, if not the, most sustainable, functional ways to train as it is done without the use of weights, machines or other gym like apparatus; all you need is some space, your body, and the right attitude. Calisthenics can …

Time Under Tension TUT

Time Under Tension

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READY? This concept ‘Time Under Tension’ (TUT) is probably one of the biggest things that the majority of gym goers get entirely wrong. It is either something that people have tried, and usually failed at, or have never even heard of. So what is TUT? It is a way of monitoring the actual time a muscle is under tension for …

Carbohydrates good or bad?

Confused about Carbs??

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READY? Carbohydrates (carbs), is probably the food source that has evoked the most amount of interest and debate amongst the population. Good or bad? Right time or wrong time? Complex or simple? Slow or fast? Lean mass or fat? Simply put, carbs are the source of energy needed to fuel the body throughout the day; they are the bodies preferred …

Smart Personal Training

Train Smart

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READY? As trainers, we hear from various clients, all too often ‘I have no time’. Sometimes, fitting in a weight loss/gain programme in and around a busy home/work life can be a difficult thing to master – something usually has to give; well it shouldn’t be your progress. By simply taking some time to talk to a fitness expert and …

Protein and Exercise

Why Protein?

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READY? I’m sure at some point you have heard a fitness expert say, ‘if you want to recover and get big and strong, then eat lots of protein.’ Well quite simply, its true. Protein is one of the most important macronutrients that the body requires on a daily basis. When we break our bodies down, through exercise, proteins that are …


Don’t Leave the Legs

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READY? It’s all too familiar seeing guys trying to build their upper body and completely neglecting their legs – the largest muscle group in the body. Quite simply, your body doesn’t want to grow loads of new muscles and be big and strong – this is part of something called homeostasis. Technically, your body won’t grow new muscle unless it …


Carbo-Load or Carbo-Bloat?

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READY? How many of you that play regular sport or have taken part in a big sporting event like a marathon or triathlon, have thought about, or tried, carbo-loading? If so, I bet that it consisted of you stuffing your face with pasta and bread the day/night before the event thinking you will be full of energy the next day. …

Rest and Exercise

Put Your Feet Up

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READY? Many people think that the more often you train and the longer you spend working out, the better the results will be – its an easy assumption to make. Technically, when you are working out you become weaker – you are breaking your macro and micro muscle fibres down, whilst putting abnormal stress upon your energy systems. STEADY… While …


Forget the Fads

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READY? How many times have you tried the new talked about diet plan? If you have followed one of these fad diets before, you have lots of company. Have you actually been able to sustain this way of living/eating? Did you lose weight and then pile it back on soon after? Well there is a simple reason for this – …

Personal Training Stretching

Feel the Stretch

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READY? Before exercise, when your body is at rest, your muscles are just that – resting. They tend to be quite stiff, firm and cold. If you were to go straight into exercise, which involves stretching your muscles past their normal ranges of motion, then injuries, such as muscles strains and tears are likely to occur. Think of your muscles …

Exercise and the mind

It’s all in the Mind

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READY? Most people want to, and make a valid attempt, to get fit and healthy. However, if you stop and think about it, do you really know why that is? Take 10 minutes to think about it, and then write down the reasons that you want to make a change. Whether it is aesthetics, for enhanced energy, to lower cholesterol …

The art of the perfect sleep

The Art of the Perfect Sleep

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READY? We all know that having a good nights sleep makes us feel better the next day. Well that is the exact point of this article. We need to understand the benefits of sleeping go way beyond removing the bags under our eyes. STEADY… Getting the right amount of sleep not only boosts your energy, it also improves your heart …