Gluten and human digestion

The Gluttony of Gluten

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READY? Gluten is a protein that is found in a variety of grains (wheat, bulgur, couscous and so on). The amount of gluten in food has risen by roughly 50% in the last decade, which is down to commercial desirability. Most types of baked good, like bread and cake, are laced with gluten. Why? Well, when baking dough, it rises …

Prevent a plateau with exercise

Progress to Prevent a Plateau

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READY? Too many of us go to the gym and perform the same old exercise routines and then say ‘I cant see/feel any improvements’. The body and its muscles are very clever. If you use the same exercises and weights, your body will eventually build a resistance, limiting your growth and progression. To really get the results you want, you …

You are what you eat

You Are What You Eat

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READY? ‘You are what you eat’ has a profound truth to it. Your eating habits and calorie intake has a direct correlation with your health, lifestyle and general well being. The notion of a diet, or changing the way you eat, is a daunting prospect for most people. It needs to be understood that eating ‘right’ is as, if not …

Danger of Fizzy Drinks

Pop Has Got To Stop

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READY? At the moment, in certain places, it is cheaper to buy a fizzy drink than it is to get bottled water. People use their loose change to buy a can of Coke/Sprite/Fanta etc. without any regard or understanding to the problems that underlie. The majority of fizzy drinks out there are a poison to human health and metabolism. STEADY… …

The importance of water and exercise

Some Good Old H2O

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READY? Water is the most widely used substance in the body making up 50 – 60% of actual human form. A 1% reduction of water in the body results in thirst; 5% reduction – muscle and bodily fatigue; 10% reduction – blurred vision and dizziness and a 20% reduction can result in death. STEADY… As a rough guide, we should …

Personal Training in North London

Hit Me Up

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READY? For years and years, trainers, scientists and fitness experts have been looking into the ingredients for a workout that provides optimal weight loss. The theory was that ‘more is more’. They believed that seemingly interminable sessions of cardio exercise undertaken at a sustained pace was the way to burn calories. Recently huge amounts of research have gone into something …

Personal training in winter

Winter Warmth

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READY? Being cold makes you feel a need for comfort. Many people find this through food, so letting good habits slip in winter months is quite common. It’s a prime time to pile on extra pounds and lose sight of what we need to do to stay fit and healthy. STEADY… Snuggling up on the sofa, putting your feet up …

Exercise needs motivation from personal trainers

Much Needed Motivation

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READY? How many of us have said; ‘Right, I’m going to join a gym, it’s time to make a change’? Then a month or so later ‘I’m not seeing any results and it’s just too hard’… The fact is, attaining the body that you have always wanted, or living a healthier, happier life, won’t happen overnight; it takes time, you …


5 a Day?

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Research tells us that the majority of the UK will only eat up to 3 portions of fruit and veg per day, whilst only 5% eat the required amount…