Luca Kahn
Luca Kahn

Luca Kahn (Regents Park)

Without RSF I would have not achieved my goals. I contacted them just over 2 months before running Tough Mudder, and didn’t think I could ever be able to not only complete it, but complete it in good time. My PT just dedicated so much time to go through so many exercises and how to do them properly. On top of this I learned so much about nutrition, that I would have never known of. After about 2 weeks of PT I could already feel the results and changes in my body, and it didn’t took much longer for all my friends and family to notice it too. RSF has completely changed my lifestyle and made me crave exercise and good eating more and more, and I feel so much better with myself now.


Hannah (Golders Green)

Oli is a fantastic trainer, he is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and flexible. He makes every session varied and enjoyable and I always look forward to them. Oli has not only helped me to make physical changes, but has built my confidence and helped me to achieve things I never thought possible! I would highly recommend him!

Peter Marcus
Peter Marcus

Peter Marcus (Gibraltar)

I have used personal trainers for a number of years and have had some really good experiences. I went to Oli as I had started putting on weight again and falling out of my exercise routine. Through an excellent and well thought through nutritional programme tailored around my needs and my life style along with a new exercise theory and workouts I am back down to my target weight and exercising more often and in a better way. Distance does not matter, we do regular Skype calls which motivate me to continue, and I meet up whenever I am in London.


David (23 – Israel)

Being in the army, people would think that we keep really fit and healthy. However quite often we don’t have time to eat properly, or even exercise. I got in touch with RSF, as a friend of mine knows the head trainer in London. RSF wrote me a detailed training and nutrition plan to follow and all I can say is WOW! Don’t get me wrong it was very tough, but it was so worth it. Once I saw the results I couldn’t stop. RSF kept the plan short and sweet but enough detail to educate me on what needed to be done. Not only that they offer me Skype catch-ups to go through my training. RSF are a revelation!


Simon (Mill Hill)

When I started training with Oli two and half months ago I had spent the previous four months incapacitated by adhesive capsulitis in the right shoulder (aka frozen shoulder). This had severely restricted my exercise regime and could have done so for many months to come. Olie put together a range of exercises that I could perform despite the shoulder condition. I have been extremely impressed by all aspects of the service and training that Olie has provided. Olie’s sessions are always varied and fun while exercising most muscle groups and burning good amounts of energy. I have no doubt that the overall positive effects of the training sessions have also accelerated the “defrosting” of my shoulder and after only ten weeks I have recovered about 90% range of motion. I have no hesitation in recommending Olie – whatever your fitness goals I have no doubt he can help you reach them quickly, scientifically but, above all, with enjoyment.

Sam Snell

Sam Snell (Golders Green)

I have been training with Oli for 4 months now and the difference in my fitness, body and general well being is incredible! Oli has tailored his training sessions to suit my personal goals, whilst also pushing me to achieve goals that I didn’t think possible! Oli is very flexible when it comes to organising my PT sessions and has provided me with nutritional advice that I can fit in with my busy work life. When I showed an interest in boxing Oli built it into my sessions and even got me my very own pair of boxing gloves! For people looking into personal training for the first time or even experienced gym goers, I’d highly recommend getting in contact with Ready Steady Fit for a consultation to see how your training regime could be refreshed and improved to work better for you!


Mark (28 – Stanmore)

I have been trying to build muscle and put on some weight for some time now, and have had a real struggle with it. I got in touch Ready Steady Fit, and asked for a training and Nutrition plan. Over the past year or so my training has remained focused and enjoyable.

RSF trainers have astonishing knowledge of the way the body functions; 6 months on and I am in better shape than I thought possible. RSF are truly great!


Emma (23 – Southgate)

Ready Steady FIT was one of the greatest ventures I’ve ever done. I signed up for PT sessions to get me in to shape for my holiday – one of the best decisions ever! RSF did more for me than I thought possible; I was doing exercises I never knew I was capable of and I had a new found energy for training. Getting fit was no longer a burden, but it was fun. The feeling that I got after a session was great and really boosted my self-esteem. The wide variety of exercises made each session different and exciting; there were no two sessions that were the same. My favourite session has to be when I did a female Navy training routine (at a very slow pace), for 30 minutes straight. I was determined to push myself further with the help of Oli who was always encouraging me to push myself to my maximum potential. I not only achieved the result I was looking for (to get in shape for my holiday) but I also learned a new variety of stretches and exercises which I can continue to benefit from. My overall experience was very positive. Ready Steady FIT inspired a very lazy girl to get fit!


Elaine (Mill Hill)

Training with RSF and following the nutrition plan made a big impact on my fitness and sense of well being straight away and the early results are deepening and proving to be sustainable. Following a fitness programme that’s specifically designed to meet my goals and needs gives result that I’ve never achieved through gym or exercise classes alone. The effects aren’t limited to fitness – feeling energetic and in control of your image gives a big boost to quality of life and did I mention, it’s great fun!



David (23 – Southgate)

RSF are dedicated to every individual and their trainers love PT more than anyone I know. They know so much about the body, including nutrition, which they taught, is essential to reaching your desired goals. They are great motivators and I really feel like I have gained a new bunch of friends.


Adam (Mill Hill)

Young, enthusiastic and energetic. Oli is fantastic with throwing curve balls at every session. I thoroughly enjoy being taken out of my comfort zone every week and pushed harder than I can remember ever working. RSF is goal orientated and I have had a great 12 week programme professionally put together based on my life style and work routine as well as my daily nutrition. I really look forward to my weekly sessions and would never look back.


Natalie (49 – Elstree)

Ready Steady Fit is simply great. They are helping me train and achieve my goal of running (and completing) the London Marathon next year. The trainers are professional, extremely knowledgeable and motivational. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to get fit, improve their fitness or take on a fitness challenge.


Deon (31 – Central London)

The Ready Steady Eat plan was personal and attentive, which made it so easy to follow. It really feels as if the time we spent talking about my goals and struggling blocks, have been put to great use, in the delivery of an excellent training and nutritional manual. My new one stop training shop!



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