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Ready Steady Fit Massage Therapy

Stressed? Feeling tight and restricted? Lack flexibility and movement? Well RSF has the answer with our wide range of massage and sports rehabilitation services. Whether it is relaxation, sports recovery, injury prevention or flexibility you are after, RSF has the hands to help.

RSF’s massage therapist, Sam, has been a keen yoga and fitness enthusiast for over 15 years. Travelling and studying abroad has provided Sam with a wealth of knowledge in different massage techniques which have made her treatments completely bespoke. Her passion is in helping people with muscular issues in her deep tissue work as well as alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety with a holistic approach.

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This massage is all about rest and relaxation. It is the most popular form of massage for a reason; you leave the session feeling better than ever. The RSF Swedish massage warms the muscles with special heat patches whilst the therapist slowly eases the tension throughout your body with special strokes and techniques.

If you play a lot of sport or exercise regularly then this is the service for you. This type of massage targets deeper tissue structures of the muscles and fascia (connective tissue). The techniques are similar to a Swedish Massage, but the pressure is slightly greater. The therapist will be able to target specific areas of the body that has muscle tension and aim to release the pressure/adhesion.

This is a unique form of massage therapy that our RSF therapists specialise in. It is all about manipulating the body through stretches, coupled with relaxing massage techniques for an overall therapeutic experience. It relieves tension and improves flexibility and strength at the joints.

This form of massage is a combination of all the above. The therapist will use the technique that is best suited to relive you of your stress/pain whilst making sure that you feel relaxed when it is over.

This is a very light massage working on the lymphatic system to rid the body of waste. It typically benefits those looking to lose weight and reduce cellulite as well as relieving water retention and oedema.

Massage Pricing

60 Minute Massage£60
90 Minute Massage£80
5 x 60 Minute Massages£275